Never Doing That Again

Just a quick note to anyone who might wander past and wonder where Never Doing That Again has gone. It's been far to long since I last wrote anything on this story and although I want to pick it back up I've struggled.

With that in mind I've decided to pull it from the internet briefly and edit it, hopefully that'll mean I can see a way forward with it again. In the mean time it's gone from my own website and as well as here but it's still up at until I get all the chapters sorted and reposted.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: 5th August 2009. The editing to Never Doing That Again has turned into a major rewrite as I wasn't happy with some of my early characterisation and the massive plot holes I was leaving. This means that any repost is probably going to take longer than anticipated and I'm also removing it from A Teaspoon and an Open Mind as well.

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Right, I'm restarting this journal. So welcome to the new home of my fanfiction.

Hopefully now that I'm using this for fiction rather than just talking about general stuff it'll get some actual use. Mind you, at the speed I write don't expect frequent updates...
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